Tinnitus and Visual Snow for 10+ Years

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by KayBee1991, Oct 10, 2020.

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      Hey everyone,

      I’m new to Tinnitus Talk. I discovered it on Reddit. I started having tinnitus and visual snow when I was about 17 I believe... I have no idea what caused it. I remember one day not being able to sleep without a fan blasting in my face for the noise and having to sleep with the tv on every night to help add light to my room due to the VSS... Does anyone know any link between the two? Or any causes?

      Doctors don’t really seem to care, they gave me a hearing test and said I was good, I got a CT scan and it came back normal.

      I rarely drink, I don’t do drugs, but I noticed when I do drink once in a bloom moon it always gets worse... so I avoid it. I sleep with literally 5 fans on every night to drown out the noise.

      I wwould love to connect with some peeps who have had successfully treatments or have any expertise! Thanks.
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      noise, whiplash; 08/20 H
      I have tinnitus and visual snow syndrome as well. Developed the visual snow syndrome after getting hyperacusis.

      My theory is that both are caused by overexcitability in the neurons. So somehow being predisposed to one makes you predisposed to the other in turn. Maybe something to do with the thalamus, but I’m really not sure.

      There are no effective treatments for either right now, but anecdotally there was a guy who took part in the University of Michigan device trials and said that it reduced both his tinnitus and visual snow syndrome. So maybe there is something to the idea that if you calm the overactive neuronal firing due to tinnitus, the visual snow syndrome will go away.

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