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      hello and good day to all of you!
      I'm currently 18 and 6 years ago I had my first encounter with tinnitus me being so young I was filled with axiety and was very scared. My mum took me to a ear specialist and I had a hearing test to find I had no hearing loss. Months later the tinnitus was there but was a lot quieter and I didn't pay attention to it (I could have habituated I don't know). It's like I never had it. 6 years later at 18 the same sound of tinnitus has come back :( its like how I was when I was younger filled with anxiety etc. I've had this for roughly a month now and I don't know what it could be.
      I know it's hard to tell but do you guys think that my tinnitus has always been there and it's just increased in volume and I have to get used to it again?
      Quick notes: the tinnitus is quite mild I can only hear it in silence or near silence.
      I also came back from holiday two weeks before it started where I was a lot in the water and waves etc.
      The GP also told me I had a bit of liquid behind my eardrum which could be the issue.

      Thanks in advance!
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      Loud noise exposure
      Hi @NathanNde

      Had I seen your post earlier, I would have replied ASAP. Anyway, I feel terrible no one responded to you and it's been 1 month. Just remember, you are not alone! This community has many caring, inspiring and great individuals, and I'd like to be the first one to greet you hello. Hi!

      Anyway, you mention for 6 years you did not hear your T?

      I'm wondering if your ENT or ear specialist was able to find the culprit of your T? You said recently you have been exposed to a lot of water? your physician said you might have fluid stuck in your ears, and I agree. There is a possibility you have swimmer's ear or maybe even otitis media (middle ear infection). Be careful if you take antibiotics, because some of them are ototoxic (bad side effects for the ears) and can actually cause ringing in your ears.

      In the meantime, try to control your anxiety--it might seem hard, but try to incorporate a daily routine where you try and meditate or practice deep breathing 5-10 minutes. I also high suggest you don't look for your T. That includes at night when you say you hear in in near silence or silence. Keep yourself preoccupied with school, work, family, hobbies etc.

      If your T bothers you at night:

      -Go to youtube and type in "white noise" generator and listen to that
      -use a fan, open your window, listen to cricket sounds, or listen to any other ambient sounds or sounds via youtube like "waterfall" or "outdoor" sounds

      See if your physician can prescribe you medications that might help you (talk to him/her about corticosteroids to decrease the inflammatory response).

      I also suggest you drink a lot of water each day, exercise, and try to get enough sleep.
      Best of luck to you and I hope you heal soon.

      Feel free to message me if you have any other questions.

      Gian Penola

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