Tinnitus Caused by Head Landing on Pillow When Jumping Into Bed

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by welpppp, May 28, 2024.

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      So, in 2020, I developed tinnitus when I jumped into my bed, and my head landed on my pillow with a bit of force, as you would when you jumped onto a bed. My tinnitus started right after that and hasn't gone anyway since.

      I'm a bit puzzled about what caused my tinnitus here since the jump didn't cause any trauma to my head or whatnot. I'm curious if anyone can speculate on what caused it?
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      Nonnatural energy source
      Possibly something in your neck?
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      High frequency hearing loss in left ear from head trauma (?)
      Most people are here because of hearing loss acquired by obvious and less obvious means.

      In my case, I suspect that the main cause was a soft blow to my left ear while landing on a yoga mat. Somehow, I lost the high-frequency hearing (>10 kHz). This is just speculation because I will never know the exact cause. The issue of the tinnitus root cause is very hard during the early tinnitus years. In the end, it does not matter because once the tinnitus has become entrenched, the root cause is mostly irrelevant, especially when hearing loss is involved.

      My tinnitus sounds like ever-changing metallic garbage noise around 10-12 kHz, roughly matching my left ear hearing loss.
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