Tinnitus Caused by My Headset at Work?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tinnitus88, Sep 26, 2016.

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      I've been wondering about if the third party software my company uses is emitting a high pitched frequency I cannot consciously hear but is causing damage and the tinnitus I am experiencing.

      I say this because it only started since working at my company and a colleague there also has tinnitus but only in one ear, although his headset is a one ear piece one (but the tinnitus ear is the ear which doesn't have the ear piece).

      Is this just a coincidence? Others at my firm say they are fine..

      I spend a large portion of my day using the headphone to listen to recordings and phone calls etc. It isn't loud.

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      @Tinnitus88 Unfortunately wearing headphones or headsets for long periods of time can cause tinnitus for some people. Quite a few people that work in call centres and wear headsets, have contacted me because they've developed tinnitus. Please click on the link below and you'll find a post titled: Headphones and tinnitus.
      Hope you start to feel better soon

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