Tinnitus Changed to a Softer Sound After Walking with Earplugs In the Ears

Discussion in 'Support' started by eagerUser, Oct 1, 2019.

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      So today (an hour ago) I was walking for around 30 mins in the street with double protection. I was hearing my own footsteps the whole time due to bone conduction if I'm not mistaken. Everything was alright and with double protection walking in a noisy street as loud as 85 dB and probably moments of being louder was pleasant and cool except for the footsteps.

      But tinnitus has changed! It is softer! I don't know if it's a new soft tone or the previous tone has changed because when I plug my ears with my finger I hear a soft white noise like an old tv! I would probably be ok without those plugs but I decided to protect against the street noise but it's weird that the noise has changed!

      At my last appointment with an ENT and an audiologist my ears were wax-free. But something like a hair was on my right eardrum but the audiologist said it's normal. I don't know if I pushed the ear plugs too far in. I guess I did because I was having ear canal pain afterwards.

      Also I think my tinnitus is not noise-induced and it's weird that it has now changed the tone!

      Any explanation or any experience like this? Should I jump to an ENT or something?

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