Tinnitus even in the Caribbean!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rouvdi, Oct 9, 2014.

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      Hello. My name is Rouven, Iam from the sunny island of Trinidad in the Caribbean. I have recently been diagnosed (3 weeks) with T. This forum is very enlightening and gives me comfort that I am not alone in the T world. I am really needing support and some ides about how to cope mentally im having thoughts of how to deal with this without having it consume my thoughts. I have a lil anxiety as well mainly over health issues but i need encouragement. Thanks all!!
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      Welcome @rouvdi

      The Caribbean! I'd kind of like to vacation down there once in my life.
      Anyway, Tinnitus - please go away and never come back.
      Welcome to this forum, your not alone with T in here. My journey led me to the doctors, and I take a low dose of antidepressant pills to help with sleep. Sleeping was an issue and is still is a concern to me. I like to stop the medication, but I don't know. I hope you find a way to cope and continue with your life - well.

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