Tinnitus Fading vs Habituation

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      Sorry Doctor, me one more time.
      Tinnitus sounds actually fading is different from habituation, right?
      One is a noticeable change in perceived volume, and the other is same volume but less reaction so less noticeable?
      Plus time parameters around both? Is one year documented as a cut off point for it "fading" because of plastic changes in the brain? I wonder if that has even been proved. Or can it fade over a longer period?
      I understand habituation can take a bit longer?
      Thanks. Sorry for all the questions. Just seems a lot of confusion around all this. And I keep wondering where and why they deemed 1 year as the cut off point.
      Cheers Dr. Hubbard!
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      Again, does the volume change or just our perception of it? i think it's usually the later. There's no research I'm aware of tracking long term course of habituation, which generally occurs over the first 18 months. I know of only one case of tinnitus that literally "went away" after three years. My recommendation to people is to let go of the attachment to that outcome - of tinnitus fading in volume, going away. This expectation just keeps you monitoring your tinnitus, and reinforces any disappointment and other negative associated emotions. Best bet is to practice allowing the tinnitus to be present, softening your response by altering your thinking, your attention (mindfulness), and redirecting your energy on living fully.
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