Tinnitus Following Ear Infection

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      About a dozen years ago (in 2004) I developed an ear infection. Unable to bear the pain any longer after a sleepless night, I presented at the emergency department of the nearest public hospital. There I was informed that I had contracted an infection, as a result of which my eardrum had been perforated.

      Ever since then, I have suffered tinnitus, predominantly in the region of that one ear that had suffered the infection: a chorus of cricket-type sounds, the volume of which swells and fades, but is always present.

      Only once, for a few hours following a dental procedure, did my tinnitus disappear completely. (I suppose due to anaesthesia?)

      At last I am considering seeking professional help, on an extremely limited budget - in the hope that some form of treatment might be possible. I don't know who to consult first. So here I am, taking a tentative first step.

      I always had excellent hearing, until this incident.
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      not sure
      Welcome @fyzygy. With limited budget, you may want to try out self help CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), with perhaps a session of two with Dr. Hubbard (at Doctors' Corner) on initial consultation. If you can afford CBT based counselling, then go for it. If not, and if CBT is what you like to try, I would recommend buying the Henry & Wilson book on Amazon. The book is out of print, but you can still buy them from Amazon. It is not cheap as a book, but it is definitely much cheaper than anything involving a counselor. Apparently many people who have used this book find it helpful especially if they follow the exercises in the book.

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      Thanks, I live in Melbourne, Australia. I guess I will visit my local GP for a referral ... but to whom? An ENT specialist? Audiologist?

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