Tinnitus for Almost 1 Month

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ãlex68788998, Feb 12, 2015.

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      Probably a head cold
      It's been difficult living with T for the last month.It all started after I got sick. First I assumed it will go away after my cold went away but it didn't. It did quiet down, not bad like the first few days, but still it's really bugging me and making me feel hopeless. Nights went from being peaceful to being one of my worst nightmares. I'm so young bearly 15 and I'm really dealing with issues in my life. I was full of life and had dreams before T hit me. I want to be a doctor but how I'm I suppose to be one when T gonna always distract me. Also how I'm I suppose to get through it. I think T is gonna stay with me forever cause it's not normal for ears to ring for a month nonstop. I can't believe a cold changed my life. Please tell me T is not pernament cause of a cold and also when I swallow my ears always making a popping noise? Young and suffering not ready to deal with this in such an early age
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      Alex I have read that some people do get T from a cold, and from what I have read is that it may have to do with a malfunction in your eustachian tube because of your cold and all the congestion thats involved with cold, go to an ENT maybe they can prescribe you a cold decongestant medicine or nasal spray to help fix that. Also if you are a headphone user don't use them I have read on how many people get T because of loud music/excessive headphone use, try to minimize the volume or cut the volume in half, and to sleep if it bothers you put a white noise as background to drown out your T. I feel like a fan sound white noise helps me.
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      Hi Alex,

      You probably still have a good chance that it will resolve on its own as it is still very early since onset.

      Furthermore, if it will stay, habituation seem to come easier the younger the age of the sufferer.. So I am sure if it doesn't go away that at least you will habituate super fast and then you will go on to become the best doctor in whatever field you want… Maybe study the ear so you can help all of us lot.. I am too old to go back to Uni.. :)

      Best of luck and don't stress and concentrate too much on it..

      Ciao !
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      Ive had t for nearly 3 months and havnt given up hope of it going. I don't think I will until the 1 year mark passes. Id say its way too early for you to say this will never go away. Eat well, rest well etc, mind the ears and hope for the best. I would be quite optimistic if I were you.

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