Tinnitus for Almost 4 Months After Cold

Discussion in 'Support' started by E. B., Jul 24, 2019.

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      Sinus infection, eustachian tube problems (likely)
      Dear forum,

      I have been hearing a loud, high-pitched ringing in my ears for the past 4 months after the onset of a cold with mild symptoms. I will cover some information for a background from my previous post in order to elaborate on what I have been experiencing over the months following.

      Initially, when I went to bed in early April, I started hearing a high-pitched sound in my left ear when the left side of my nose was clogged. After a week or two, I still heard my tinnitus even when my nose wasn't far too clogged, and eventually, the ringing became a slight annoyance in my everyday life, especially in a quiet environment. Keep in mind that both ears have been affected since then. Furthermore, I experience very loud tinnitus when there is a lot of noise in one ear, as the other ear (which is covered by my hand or arm) experiences extremely loud tinnitus. I have also been noticing ear pressure in the ear/ears that I have been experiencing tinnitus, as this ear pressure is only really noticeable when I am in a quiet place, oddly enough. Later on, I tested my hearing and found that I can comfortably hear 18400-19000 Hz (which is considered normal for my age), which hopefully rules out hearing damage.

      Furthermore, I went to my ENT a few months ago, and he explained that I seem to show symptoms of ETD, which explains the irksome stuffy feeling in my ears that I still have today. In addition, I was diagnosed with rhinitis, as I was given allergy medications in order to assuage the tinnitus as well as the other symptoms. However, the medications do not seem to help with my nose, neither do they help with the tinnitus, and so, I have stopped taking the medication. On the other hand, doing things like performing the Valsalva maneuver and pressing on my ears to equalize pressure has helped a bit.

      Besides tinnitus, I have also experienced a highly annoying blockage in one side of my nose (the sides usually switch intermittently), which I am also concerned about, which may have been a result of the rhinitis. Additionally, whenever I get up from laying down quickly or turn my head, I experience a strange crackling noise in my left ear for a few seconds. Also, in recent months, sometimes I would experience a somewhat newfangled symptom, which manifested itself as a twitching inside my ear, as well as a drum-like noise that accompanied it. It is very quick, unlike my heartbeat, which rules out pulsatile tinnitus, as I am curious as to what this strange symptom could signify.

      Although I know that the forum cannot diagnose me with anything thus far, I would still like to understand the scope of the severity of the underlying cause(s), as well as an indication of whether or not I should go see a doctor, since I am still skeptical of whether or not I should see one, especially considering how I have been waiting three more months and have been slightly concerned about the slow progress of my ostensibly "improving" tinnitus as well as the risks that come with waiting (such as an inner ear infection or "glue ear"). As of now, I have slight doubts about what else besides ETD could be causing the tinnitus, considering how ETD is supposedly very temporary according to the Internet. However, I would like to ask a few questions regarding the issues being experienced:

      Have you had tinnitus caused by ETD alone? If so, what was it like?

      If you have had ETD, how long have you had it for, and how did you manage it effectively?

      If you have had tinnitus caused by ETD, how long have you had it after your ETD subsided, and how did you manage the tinnitus effectively?

      Are there any cases in which ETD can cause serious problems based on your experience?

      Are you familiar with any of the symptoms I have described above? If so, what is your experience with those symptoms?

      Apologies for the survey-like questions, I would simply like to know of the repercussions of having ETD, as well as the tidbits of how I can keep myself safe from any complications or worsening or unstoppable tinnitus. Thank you for your attention!
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      Hello @E. B., I have had exactly the same symptoms after a cold (tinnitus, rhinitis and ear fullness) for 4 months as you do, how are you now? I have been prescribed with the same allergic nasal sprays with no help...What kinds of treatments have you gone through? Is everywhere better now?
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      Probably noise, stress and a neck injury.
      I have similar symptoms. Mine have been lating a long time now, but I'm noticing slow improvement as the weather is improving. I should add that my tinnitus has multiple causes however, and isn't only brought on by ETD/blockages.

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