Tinnitus from Modafinil

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mogwai, Jul 5, 2016.

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      Hi everyone!

      I've had Tinnitus for a couple of months now and am coping with it much better than I was initially in large part thanks to this forum and the advice crammed in its pages.

      My tinnitus has not changed during this time but my attitude to it has. My T is with me the whole time but I don't really notice it except in quiet rooms and when trying to sleep. At which point it used to really get to me as I mourned the silence I used to enjoy. With a strategy of using masking noises for sleeping and being in quiet places, plus reframing the situation by realising that silent environments are not actually normal/natural, and something that didn't really exist in the natural environment that we evolved in due to constant natural noises.

      I'm definitely on the path to living more comfortably with this new companion and just wanted to say a little thank you to this forum and its members for helping me to not see this as something to panic and feel fear over. I've been silently absorbing information and people's posts on their experience but thought I should add a little value after being given so much. Tinnitus is something I now see as just another thing in life which I can overcome through ingenuity and great resources such as this site.


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      not sure
      Welcome and thank you John for this wonderfully positive introduction. Accepting the reality of T in our lives, making some adjustments and adapting to the new normal will always help to calm down the nerves which then can help the brain to habituate to T. Your story reflects that approach and therefore the positive result. Contrats. We need more positive news to help out the new suffering members. Thanks again that this.
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