Tinnitus (from Music on Earbuds) and Anxiety — Next MRI Head Scan and CBT

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    1. Martin 150

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      July 2020
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      Ear pods listening to music.
      Hi all,

      I was diagnosed with mild form of tinnitus some weeks back. Adjusting to shock diagnosis.

      Audiologist stated that I must not listen to music on any headphones or earbuds. Sad to hear this as I love music. Ok to listen on speakers. Find great relief on YouTube white noise especially on going to sleep at night. Dalenale Ten hours of Violet Noise - Ambient Sound - High Frequeny and in particular Brainwave 9 Hours Extremely Powerful Tinnitus Sound Therapy.

      Also excellent talks and apps from Julian Cowan Hill (again on YouTube). However I try to use masking as little as possible as I am trying to adjust to the ear hissing sound naturally and try and manage.

      Audiologist also suggested I get an MRI Head scan, which I am going ahead with. They also suggested that I make an appointment with Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, which I have scheduled.

      Like for everyone, it gets worse when I think about my tinnitus. It can go away for hours or some days not affect me as much.

      I would appreciate any correspondence in relation to above.

      Martin 150 from Dublin, Ireland (age 69.)
    2. Michael Leigh

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      Noise induced
      HI @Martin 150

      Your Audiologist is correct and strongly advise you not to use headphones or earbuds even at low volume. This includes Noise cancelling headphones and bone conduction types. The most common cause tinnitus is exposure to loud noise. Typically, it is listening to music through headphones/earbuds at too high a volume and for long durations. Wearing a headset for computer games, attending clubs or concerts where loud music is played, or working in a noisy environment can bring it on too. Tinnitus can also be caused by an underlying medical problem within the auditory system and there are many - some are mentioned in my posts in the links below. Please take your time and read them as I think they will be of some help.

      Since you already know the cause of your tinnitus, earbuds it will usually improve with time. Start using low level sound enrichment during the day and especially at night. The tinnitus should not be masked or covered by sound enrichment. More is explained in the links below.

      All the best


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