Tinnitus going on and off? Any experiences of this?

Discussion in 'Support' started by lbjprxoxo, Nov 14, 2013.

    1. lbjprxoxo

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      Oct 18th 2013
      Does anyone know maybe there is hope for me.... I had non stop tinnitus for 25 days straight then all of the sudden it stopped for two days Now it goes on and off. Could this mean maybe something is trying to repair its self ? Maybe someone knows someone that had same experience with a great outcome. Thanks. I can only hope and pray.
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      That is something I wonder myself too. Not that my T is gone completely but mine is havily fluctuating lately so to say (but in general less or at least different (less annoying) than 2 weeks after onset). I also wondering whether a kind of repair mechanism is active or that the brain starts to ignore/adept to the T (kind of habituation). Thus I have more or less a same kind of question/thought and experience.

      If I look at myself (sorry to this in your post) after a nights sleep (and it doesn't matter whether it was 5 or 9 hours) and during wake up my T is almost non existing, the mornings are more and more quite (or that is what I think!?!), however, the T than slowly creeping in again and during day time my level of T gets to its 'normal' level.
      If visiting the companies restaurant (for example) results in an increased T (static noise) and then going back to its 'normal' level.
      However, it looks like I 'recover' more quickly lately than in the earlier days (though, it also can be a wrong perception).

      Sometimes I feel a fullness (fluid is running through my ears), kind of earpain, after that I often have the feeling that my T became less. Looks like this earpain etc... is also part of a kind of recovering mechanism? But maybe this is something I make up or want to think that this is the case?

      So I also struggling with this kind of questions, something which occupies my mind!... what to think about it... etc...

      So hopefully someone can provide some personal experience on this indeed...

      Anyway, that is the most important of all I hope for you that your T is getting less and less active and fades into non excistence (fingers crossed)!
    3. AUTHOR

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      Oct 18th 2013
      Thanks for adding to my post because I was thinking I was going a bit coo coo OR having way to many high hopes for this to just turn off for good. For me it's been getting less and less compared to when it started on Oct 18th but those first couple of weeks I was scared out if my mind and looked for answers as to why me. I can mask mine so far with tv and fan. Mine is very high pitch almost like 2 high voltage wires trying to connect. It's so annoying then, throughout the day I have a louder ring that seems to come up from under it, gets real loud for about 20 sec then fade away leaving me again with that annoying high pitch voltage sound once again Grrrrrr ! I've just been praying a lot for this to just resolve itself and hoping its on its way. Seriously,..... No cure, POWER OF PRAYER. in the end that's all we have, right?
    4. Mr LDK

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      This is a good sign. But do not be disheartened if it spikes back up.
      My Tinnitus is at a very low level these days due to following a few rules - but it can still fluctuate and yes sometimes I swear its gone.

      When it is gone it's best to not think about it, and when it comes back you should keep the same mindset - this simply notifies the brain that Tinnitus is not a functional priority. (My thoughts)
    5. jmccombs82

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      October 29, 2013 at 10AM
      were you sick prior to the ringing starting?

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