Tinnitus Gone :) (There Is Hope)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by zenxpowert, Jan 27, 2016.

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    1. zenxpowert

      zenxpowert Member

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      I am happy so say that after 2 days of full meditation, self-hypnosis, and simple relaxation, my tinnitus is gone.

      I just want to tell all of you thank you for your support i didnt post much but my 14000hz is now gone.

      I hope you all get better and back on feet as quickly as possible, there is always hope. Tinnitus is curable if you believe in yourself and fight hard for what you want the most. Life is a 1 time thing.

      I know that it sounds desperate and alot of you have had tinnitus for months, even years. I want you all to fight hard and live, you must never get down even if everything seems to be against you. I learned that 3 days ago when i went to hospital and passed over the (non return point) section, it is a child hospital, and kids over there would rather have our sound than the date of their death.

      It might not be the same thing for some of you, but im the type of person that doesnt go down easily, my tinnitus was so loud i had hard time to even hear other sounds around me, but now im good.

      Stay strong and please. please, do not let go, there is always hope for anything in life. :)

      I wish you all the best xxx,

      Thank you tinnitustalk.com for your support and i hope we never see eachother again! ;)
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    2. ceauses97

      ceauses97 Member

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      loud music/chemotherapy/hypercalcemia
      You're a lucky man. Enjoy the silence.
    3. Fangen
      Monday blues

      Fangen Member Benefactor

      Stockholm, Sweden
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      December 2nd, 2015
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Acoustic trauma (loud concert for 1h)
      Did you T stop completely, or is it still there but you don't hear it anymore? :)
    4. Mithrandir

      Mithrandir Member

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      Acoustic Trauma + NIHL
      Good job but you were very young in T, that's not surprising, enjoy your life
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    5. Sailboardman

      Sailboardman Member Benefactor

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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      Your one in a billion! Have a good life and protect those ears! (And play the lottery) };-)
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    6. Jahhsoul

      Jahhsoul Member

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      Unkown (not acute acoustic trauma).
      @zenxpowert was your T pulsatil? U know what caused it? Enjoy silence ^^
    7. Twitch

      Twitch Member

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      Congratulations @zenxpowert on getting cured from this horrible condition. It's always nice to come across success stories. I have read a few posts from people getting cured but none seem to share the name of the *magic* medication they were on, care to share the name of the presciption medication you were on?
    8. RaZaH
      Not amused

      RaZaH Member Benefactor Team Tech

      Reykjavík, Iceland
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      Benzo + loud noise
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      Congratulations! :)
    9. Atlantis

      Atlantis Member

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      He said meditation, not medication.
    10. Kevin Yu

      Kevin Yu Member

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      I'm so jealous enjoy ur silence
    11. John Meyers

      John Meyers Member

      Chicago, IL
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      AC/DC Concert
      Congrats but you didn't even have it for a month..
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