Tinnitus Has Faded but Pulsating and Fullness Started

Discussion in 'Support' started by Terrydy, Oct 29, 2017.

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      hey yall

      3 days ago I first experienced tinnitus in my left ear, a high pitched ringing. I'm thinking it was due to stress and lack of sleep, as well as listening to loud music.

      the next day, it was still there but more nuanced. in the evening, my ear felt like the drum was pulsating sort of, feeling very full (?) it's hard to describe. the noise disappeared and so did the pulsating.

      but now today I was watching TV and suddenly a loud noice came on and my left ear felt almost as if it blew up and 'popped' instantly because of it, slightly painful.

      I'm really worried that the ringing is gonna come back and I am now hyper aware of noise, not sure if I am hearing soft ringing or if it's just my imagination. does anyone have any experience with this sort of popping and throbbing and fullness?????
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      Noise Exposure
      Some Doctors recommend taking prednisone and doing a full round of steroidal drugs. I'm sure if you don't expose yourself to more loud sounds and keeping yourself away from earphones/headphones, aswell as avoiding stress and getting enough sleep there's a good chance you will do fine.

      I've had the popping and the fullness and it did go away but I also have T since my incident.

      Wish you well,

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