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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by M. K. Treu, Nov 3, 2016.

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      Acoustic Trauma
      Hello, everyone.

      35 year old Norwegian man here.

      I have been struggling with MSI for over three months, and I feel that my right ear (which I've had Tinnitus in since age 13 due to acoustic trauma, I think) clogs up regularly.

      No infection, but my Eustachian tube is a bit narrow, and my eardrum is retracted.

      Yes, I have tried medication, but I'm a firm believer in acupuncture and giving the body time to heal naturally.

      Since I got the infection my T has fluctuated a lot, and it's sometimes on my left side as well. I had a ten year run with no T problems before this... :-(

      Along with fear, anxiety and depression, anger and bitterness is consuming my mind. When I was around 13, a crazy "ADHD-kid" in my neighbourhood fired a cap gun about half a metre from my right ear. It was truly a traumatizing experience, and I truly believe that this episode is the main cause of my T.

      My hearing tests have always come out perfect, and I can hear up to around 14, 15 kHz.

      I just feel so lost and hopeless...

      Praying for better days...

      That's all we can do at the end of the day...

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      not sure
      Welcome to TT. Like you I have H besides T. I also always have sinus infection. Not sure if that has to do with my T. But how long has you had your H? Stay there and be strong. Sometimes, acceptance is helpful if it is something you are willing to try. Anger and frustration plus all the negative reactions will only aid T & H to continue their tyranny. I was in a mess initially and never thought I would live my good life again. But today I switch to the positivity approach and I now live a normal and happy life. I wrote my success story like others and list many helpful strategies. Here is my story if you wish to check it out. Take good care. God bless.

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