Tinnitus/Hyperacusis Spike After Going to a Café/Bar — Any Measures I Can Take?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Freerunner, Dec 15, 2021.

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      Hi Guys,

      It has been 3 days now since my tinnitus and hyperacusis are through the roof. They are the worst they have been since the onset two months ago.

      I went to a café in the mall which was playing music around 70-75 dB according to my app. I was there merely 30-40 minutes and I left. I even took a 5 minute break to check if my earplugs were correctly inserted.

      However, after that tinnitus spiked enormously and changed the pitch on almost every tone I had so far. Hyperacusis is kicking in as well. I started to hear more distortions in the higher pitch noises. Previously I did not have so many.

      I started taking NAC and Zinc.

      Do you reckon it is a good idea to start Prednisolone? What dosage and how should I take it? I will buy it without prescription, since I doubt my ENT will give it to me, as I am not sure this is even the procedure in my country (I live in eastern Europe).

      I would appreciate your response guys, since if I can take Prednisolone 3 days after the trauma, I might have a chance. What do you think?

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