Tinnitus (?) in My Right Ear That's Like Constant Low Bass/Treble; Presumably Connected to My Jaw

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      Hi all.

      I would be going to a doctor to get this properly checked, but since I'm not in a really great living environment (won't go into detail so don't ask) plus because of what's going on in the world right now... I figured it'd be best to ask on this forum. (I don't live in the US or UK, but I do live in a European country. For reasons of privacy I won't specific which European country.)

      This all started somewhere around June 2019, a few days before I was going to go on a vacation. I had noticed immediately right away that there was this low bass/treble/vibrating noise in my right ear while I was trying to sleep, and I though that it was perhaps one of the cars or trains outside my window (since I currently live close to nearby trains) - but it kept being constant - even when I tried to sleep during the vacation. It varied in intensity - sometimes it was rather loud and noticeable, other times it was somewhat lower. At times, my right ear lobes seem to physically hurt because of the vibration issue - even when there's noise and when I'm up and about.

      I eventually figured out that:

      1. This usually seemed to happen when I was lying down and trying to sleep, and when I stood up and was doing things normally it wasn't happening or even noticeable at all - even during times of complete silence, so it wasn't too bad all things considered.
      2. If I tilted my head to the right while standing or lied down with my right ear pressed onto the pillow, it managed to somewhat cancel out the vibration/"bass"/"treble" in my right ear - however, having something on playing constantly helped more, since it essentially "overpowered" the vibration to the point that it didn't happen. Humming or talking a bit to myself also "nullified" it until it came back when everything was silent again.

      I eventually went to a doctor sometime early in 2020, and as they checked me when I told them about this issue, they checked my right jawbone near my right ear (which hurt a bit when they pressed on it - but didn't hurt when it came to my left jawbone), and said that it probably had to do with my right jaw being dislocated (or something to that effect; forgot quite what they had said) - presumably because I either chomp down too hard and/or too frequently, or because I kept gritting my teeth while I sleep. And it was kinda true - I had felt a bit of pain when pressing too hard on my right jawbone, because up until that point I was using electric shavers and pressing hard to ensure I'd get the cleanest shaves possible (I now use regular "manual" shavers), but I didn't pay it much mind because my jaw was otherwise still working as intended. The doctor advised me to take a specific brand of Ibuprofen, but because of COVID-19, I only found a generic brand of Ibuprofen to use. I think they said to take it once a day before sleeping. I tried to keep up with doing it - it didn't really work, but I was able to deal with. At that point, I couldn't go back to the doctor because COVID-19 was starting to ramp up uncontrollably.

      One day, during a road trip to our vacation house that lasted about a week, I got some hard cheese doodles as a snack, and while I ate most of them, I felt my jaw straining a bit - not hurting, but feeling a bit of pressure. Since I wasn't the one driving, I tried going to sleep with my jaw open and not gritted, and before I dozed off I eventually felt that something happened with my jaw that "fixed" it. I'm not sure if it's truly what happened, but but once we arrived back at our usual vacation house and tried to sleep during nighttime, it seemed my issue was "cured". However, I don't know if it was truly because of what happened with my jaw or because there was a constant wind noise outside (we had the windows open for air circulation). Regardless, a few days after, still in our vacation house, I yawned out of habit, and my right jawbone strained itself, resulting in me "re-obtaining" the right ear vibrating issue.

      A few months later, because this was sill a constant issue, I tried to take Ibuprofen again - this time with it being the specific brand the doctor recommended. It still didn't quite fix things, but I think it sorta lessened as I tried to sleep after taking Ibuprofen. It'd usually flare up a bit louder when I didn't, I think, but otherwise it was more or less same old, same old.

      However, last week/sometime in December 2020, I somehow managed to sleep while my right jaw was pressed onto my hand/arm, and now I managed to make my issue even worse - just a few days ago, even when I was standing, and even when there was quite a bit of noise, my right ear kept ringing out with that vibrating noise, and it was driving me up the wall. I somehow managed to kinda fix this by stretching my jaw in a particular way, but at times it still kinda happens during moments of silence - it's still better than before - much less loud - but still not ideal. My right ear lobe feels like it's blocked inside (though I can still hear most everything), and at times my right jaw mostly feels uncomfortable or simply hurts.

      Taking Ibuprofen constantly doesn't seem to really help much at this point. And even before this, stretching or opening my jaw and holding it in that position didn't really alter the vibration in any discernible way.

      I have zero idea what to do now, and I'm at my limit. As aforementioned, I'm not in a great living environment (again, don't ask), and even then, because of COVID-19, going to the doctor seems out of the question at the moment. Is there any advice any of you could give me? Have any doctors on here dealt with this issue with one of their patients before? I need help here.

      I don't think it's tinnitus that I have, but I don't know what exactly it is that I do have. It's not a constant high-pitched ringing in my right ear.

      One other thing I forgot to mention is that, now, at times, when I try to stretch my jaws to "clear" my "blocked" right ear, the muscles deep inside my right ear sometimes "twitch" involuntarily.

      Another thing to add: The day this happened on June 2019, I was in the shower, washing my hair and shaving before I was to go to sleep (when I initially noticed the issue with my right ear.) I also remember, beyond just pressing hard on my right jaw with my electric shaver, that while washing my hair, I felt a audible and physical "pop" in my right ear - presumably from a water drop that quickly feel into my ear. I'm not sure whether my issue is due to that, or just my aforementioned right jaw problem.

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