Tinnitus Is BS

Discussion in 'Support' started by Dmitry, Jan 7, 2014.

    1. Dmitry

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      Loud Music
      I think I've had it with worrying with this bullshit condition.
      Life is so much more than worrying about a ringing in your ears...

      After reading this article I feel so much more motivated and wanted to share it with everyone:

      I'm just going to accept it as body noise. There are so many weird things our bodies do that we don't notice...as we don't obsess about them. Yeah tinnitus is more intrusive because it sounds evil but honestly...screw it.
      It will be a hard battle to start off with, but then we will win as we won't give a damn!
      I think life is about seizing the moment, living every day to the max!
      Instead of waking up and thinking...fml I have tinnitus, another long day....Let's just get on with life, do something positive, crazy and fulfilling each day and get so tired that we pass out when we go to bed lol.
      And keep doing this until a cure is found or until the day we die.
      Take care everyone
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    2. LeQuack

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      Bad luck and bad genes
      We only accept it because we have no other choice. We're forced to accept it. I would rather not given the choice.
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    3. mick1987
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      Acoustic Trauma
      Habituation to tinnitus happens for most, I believe time is the best healer, but It gets exhausting when it increases. I've had tinnitus since summer 2012, it took a year to be completely fine with it/recovered, but now it has increased I have to get used to it all over again, even though I have had tinnitus for 17 months now, I feel like a newbie again with this increased tinnitus for the past 3 months, I know time will help me again, but I hate having to start again when tinnitus changes volume, I should be past all of this by now! Tinnitus is so frustrating.
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    4. Zimichael

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      (1956) > 1980 > 2006 > 2012 > (2015)
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Ac. Trauma & Ac.Trauma + Meds.
      Volume...Volume...Volume...It all boils down to volume. For most, that is how we get it - loud music, gunshot, firecracker, fire alarm, whatever....It's also what governs how it may affect our lives. The internal volume.

      Yeah, I agree with the Guardian article but I bet big bucks that guy does not have associated hyepracusis. I have had plain brand, E-flat, high pitched ringing tinnitus since 1956. I totally adapted to it (though was always a bit more sound sensitive than my "oblivious" mates/friends). I got new 'upgraded' (i.e. big bummer) tinnitus in 1980 from demolishing an old barn with a hammer...That changed my life for many years. But with 5 years I was just using occasional hearing protection like that guy in the UK.
      Then came the real whammy...ototoxic tinnitus ramp-up c/o antibiotic cocktail in 2006. THAT was the knees on the ground, gun to the head type tinnitus, plus the new name brand add on app. = hyperacusis! Whole different animal. MUCH more difficult to live with and sound avoidance was a REQUIREMENT not an option.
      But even that, after 6 years finally eased up enough (with much work on my part) to where I could be dancing Gangnam Style with a bunch of fantastic "kids" (well 20's and such) in late 2012...Unbelievable to me that I would ever get there again, be able to do that without earplugs, and once more do the only thing I really love.

      Then I got zapped two weeks later in Dec. 2012...THIRD big ramp up! And I did not even know I was getting dangerously over-exposed sound levels. It was "exposure time" that did it...(I'm sure many of you know the: "If only I had not"...). Sigh!

      So now I have 58 years of tinnitus experience and I am often near crushed by it. My life is severely restricted and there is no way it is BS and I can do what that young fellow heading off to university can do. But...if he keeps that up and stops protecting, and goes clubbing too much, or bonfire bashes in Sussex...Well, we'll see. THAT story is his future and it has not been written yet. Hopefully he will be fine. If he's an idiot in relation to loud sounds, my money is on repeat T later on in life.

      And my point here???

      LIVE LIFE!...DON'T LET TINNITUS RUIN YOU AND RULE YOU!....But for the love of whoever/whatever, don't be an idiot about what has happened to you and why you probably came to this site in the first place. Giving some respect to what has happened to give you tinnitus (if that is what you have) is worthy of taking serious note of, and acknowledging, and LEARNING from...It's not a heavy big deal, downer thing, just a SMART thing to do and remember. LIVE FULLY - but learn too.

      All the best, Zimichael
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    5. Stina

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      Hello Dmitri...I understand you but I think in addition to this we also have to use protective measures. We are still very young and have to live with those for many, many years. What is your story anyway?

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