Tinnitus is really scary!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sparkle, May 27, 2014.

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      Hi everyone, I have been having what I think is Pulsatile tinitus in my right ear for the last few months. Although my right ear feels a bit strange (full maybe or a very slight distant throb) during the day when I am upright, when ever I lay flat I have a really loud and strong throb which is annoying and quite scary at times.

      A bit of back ground, untill last summer I was completely healthy, and then I started getting this constant drunk feeling, head felt like it was full of cotton wool, I couldn't concentrate, my balance was off and I kept banging my self on door frames and dropping things etc. The doctor sent me for a brain MRI which showed nothing. The feelings remained and I saw a neurologist who could find nothing wrong. A few months later, sick of feeling slightly drunk and getting worried it might be MS or something I went back to the GP again who reffered me to ENT. At this point the tinitus in my right ear had started and I mentioned this to him, along with the other symtoms, he sent me for a MRI of my ears, which found something 'A small cystic area possibily related to the right temple or mandibular joint". He sent me for a CT scan to investigate further, and I am currently awaiting the results. Has anyone heard of this being a cause for tinitus, or had this happen to them.?

      I am finding the waiting for the CT results the worst part!
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      Root Canal
      Hi sparkle I got tinnitus after a root canal 9 months ago and am currently seeing a doctor that is treating me for TMJ.
      My MRI showed the mandibular joint to be torn / macerated. This is a tough thing to go through hang in there and don't give up keep searching for someone to help you don't settle for the "you just have to live with it" diagnosis till you exhaust all your efforts. Good luck stay strong

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      Hi Carlos, thanks for the reply. That sounds horrible :( I haven't got anything that I can blame this on, it just started for no reason. I have found the doctors to be great so far, but they were trying to steer me down the 'stress, anxiety, depression' route, which I knew 100% wasn't the cause, but you even start to doubt yourself when it goes on for so long. I should hear more within the next week, and then hopefully they will tell me if they can do anything about it :)
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      Try not to worry. The good news is that they have found the problem, so hopefully they will be able to sort something out. T (tinnitus) actually seems small compared to your other problems i.e. constant drunk feeling etc. That sounds terrible!

      I would not be surprised that it is the cause of your problems - T is so sensitive it seems to be caused by many things. In a way you are lucky - the worst part is not knowing the cause, worrying that something major is wrong but no one listening to you. I hope that you will be fine and they can treat you - hopefully all your symptoms will disappear soon! Please let us know how you get on

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