Tinnitus Just Gets Worse and Worse: Now I Hear a Baritone Man's Voice Chanting Over and Over

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Scooter540, Aug 23, 2020.

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      Hi everyone.

      Only fellow tinnitus sufferers can comprehend what we all are living with. Thank you for letting me join your forum.

      My tinnitus just started in 1990 out of the blue and was only ringing for years. About 10 years ago, music was added to the ringing. They were childhood songs I remember that play over and over with the ringing. Now, if I watch a movie on TV, after I'm finished watching, I will hear pieces of the music score from the movie along with the ringing.

      The part that really bothers me is in the last couple of years, a baritone man's voice chanting over and over and over added to the ringing, and music score. I always hear all three if I sit in silence and try to read a book.

      I use the TV like a lot of people use white noise, and once I turn the TV off that's when the musical score starts. I have to turn the TV on to remain sane. But even with the TV I can still hear the ringing, music and the chanting. I think the chanting is the worst. The music score changes as soon as I turn the TV back on and I just have the ringing and the chanting. The ringing is constant. The childhood music seems to be just bits of the beginning of songs. The chanting sounds demonic. I am not crazy. Everything except the chanting is always there. The chanting doesn't usually start till early evening and continues off and on all night.

      If I'm asleep I'm in peace. That's probably why I love to sleep so much. If I wake up in the middle of the night, it all starts up again, especially the chanting. Help! The demonic chanting is going to drive me insane. I've gotten used to the music and the ringing, but the chanting sounds like the man is across the same room I'm in at the time but only comes in early evening.
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      Loud music
      Welcome to the forum of fellow travellers. I have to say thank goodness you are able to get some relief from sleep. Do you use TV or masking for falling asleep? There are a few here who describe similar symptoms. I have multiple tones - the wind chime chords are probably the most annoying in the night, though sometimes it's the diesel-engine-outside-the-house that stops me getting to sleep.
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      Welcome to the forum. This condition has been called Musical Ears or Musical Hallucinations. It is hearing musical tunes or singing. Chanting may be just another form of sounds impressed onto your subconscious mind like singing. I am no expert on this, but through the years there are people reporting to have this condition either themselves or people related to them. You may want to check out this site on the aspects of this condition. Good luck. God bless.

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