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Discussion in 'Support' started by Christian82, Dec 24, 2014.

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      Hey everyone I am new to the site and have so general questions I would appreciate if someone could help me in am in bad situation.

      I got my tinnitus from diving and I have a high frequency hearing loss somewhere about 7000 kHz upwards.

      I was wondering if it physically possible for the tinnitus to get louder or if it's just psychological?

      I had the am 101 treatment 90 days ago of course I don't know if I got the drug or the placebo and I have the feeling that my tinnitus is louder the when I first got him.

      It has gotten so bad at times that I freak out and slap myself. Apparently I hit on left ear and heared a tinnitus there as well but only for a second weeks later I started hearing a soft beeping noise but only if it's really quiet. The doc rolled me that it's just a signal corruption and not a tinnitus.

      Anyway what I really want to know is if the volume can change it if it's is just psychological?

      I wish you a merry Christmas and thank you in advance for your thoughts.
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      Unfortunately the answer is... it's both. Your tinnitus could get louder and cause your mental anguish. Likewise, focusing on the T can make it seem much louder too.

      It's so very hard to tell but the one thing we all know is that by ignoring the tinnitus it always seems lower. Hard to do in the early few months. Heck, it's hard to do for most people around here... given that those seeking help at message boards are usually the worst of the worst. But it does get easier.
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