Tinnitus OFF and ON for About 5 Years! How to Achieve Maximum Results with the App?

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      Hi, I'm JB.

      I just stumbled upon your app through the internet.

      I first noticed a ringing about 5 years ago at the age of 65, I believe. Not sure how long it lasted, but remember going to a well-known ear, nose, and throat doctor in NYC. It was for a check-up on my throat, but I remember telling him about the ringing that I occasionally experienced. He was very familiar with it and I remember him saying that it was quite a mystery to medical science and there was no absolute cure. Since it didn't bother me that much and it would come and go, there seemed to be nothing I could do. He mentioned the various reasons one experiences tinnitus but none seemed to match me, other than certain medications I was taking.

      Time went by and if I remember correctly, I rarely experienced it (that I remember). If it came back, I am assuming it wasn't for long. Well, about 6 months ago, it bothered me, but kind of the same old routine and I lived with it with but then again it wasn't every day. I would say this last month or so, it has been more frequent. I always try and research it... most people I talk to know about it but never heard a cure. But it's gone on (some days very low, and others louder!).

      I even logged into a tinnitus forum... The result was too many blogs with so many people complaining but no real help!

      I stumbled on your site and of course, am very inquisitive. I just downloaded the app. Actually listening to rain now.

      What I am trying to find out is the best way to set it up to achieve maximum results? Kind of a step by step guide. When to use it? Amount of time? etc.

      Hope this makes sense. I have said many times, I can't believe it is 2020 and we cure multiple diseases and miracles in the medical world yet no one has figured this tinnitus infliction out yet!!! Make sense??

      Thanks and I'm glad to see you've had some success.


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