Tinnitus Onset While High on Marijuana & Listening to Music — Ear Infection & COVID-19 Made It Worse

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      Loud Music

      I'll be 30 this year and my tinnitus started back in 2011. I've had it before from using Skullcandy earbuds, but it was only for a few days in 2008. In 2011 I bought 2 12 subwoofers and also started using weed.I also cleaned my earwax a few months before. I was really high and listening to a high pitched techno song with my Sony XBR 700. I guess I was listening louder than normal because of being intoxicated. When I took my headphones off there was a beeeeping noising and my ENT 2 weeks later said, "Congrats! You've managed to permanently damage your hearing" and said I'd have to deal with.

      My tinnitus wasn't too bad until last December 20. My ears always gets clogged with water because I never clean them and I got an ear infection. The ear infection made it worse and then I had COVID-19. I used to have to be in a quiet place and try to hear it, now it's like I can hear it over traffic. There is also more than one sound and I have spikes. Silence is golden.

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      Sinus infection
      Messed around and found out.

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