Tinnitus possibly related to outer ear infection?

Discussion in 'Support' started by D Michelle, Oct 19, 2014.

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      I had a horrible outer ear infection for weeks, finally got antibiotics, they cleared the ear infection up but not completely, I'm still waiting to go to the doctors and figure out the ear infection and the constant not extremely loud but noticable ear ringing and pain which I'm assuming is from the ear infection.

      I'm really frustrated because I have several other cronic unknown illness I'm trying to get figured out, but my doctors are not very good listeners, (I'm also looking for new doctors) and the ear ringing isn't helping much.

      Could the tinnitus just be from the bad ear infection and clear up when that does? Or could the pain be from tinnitus? Also, how can I help made the ringing even a little better at home?

      The ringing started almost a month ago I think. Just randomly I noticed it, I'm almost positive it hadn't been there before. I waited a few hours, it was still there, a few days, still there... And it's still here. It started after I had taken all of the antibiotics for the ear infections, or the same day I had finished them at least...

      I just really need support, and someone to talk to until I can get to the doctor to see what's going on with my ears....
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      Ear infection
      Antibiotics can cause tinnitus and it is listed as a side-effect, however, unlike most meds where it can be a temporary effect, tinnitus from antibiotics is rarer to disappear.

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