Tinnitus Relief from Playing Masking Sounds Through Hearing Aids

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by chief1richard, Jan 22, 2020.

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      Firefighting 32 years (sirens)
      I have suffered from chronic tinnitus for close to 9 years due to working as a firefighter for 33 years. 130 decibel sirens have caused this I am sure. My tinnitus came on in my left ear suddenly while on vacation. It has gradually worsened over 9 years. My tinnitus was so bad that I could not fall asleep, or stay asleep for long without it wakening me up. I have seen 4 ENT Doctors over 9 years. Everyone of them has been a complete disappointment and waste of my time. I was feeling helpless and alone, and felt I could turn to nobody in the medical field for help, because they offered none. I never told my wife or children about my condition, as I did not want to worry them.

      I eventually got hearing aids, which were very expensive, and thought they would help my tinnitus. At first they didn't. Then after a year I found that there were Apps on your Smart Phone that could help. I was so pleased on the first day of getting an iPhone, and playing a pleasant sound such as the waves crashing or rain in the forest, through the App,which connected to my hearing aids, especially while sleeping. It has made a huge difference in my mood and outlook. These Apps can play through earbuds also. I finally have some relief which I never thought I would have.

      I advise anyone with Severe Tinnitus to look into Tinnitus Apps for relief.
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      Antibiotics - I think
      @chief1richard do you mind me asking if you have any hearing loss with your tinnitus?

      And I'm SO glad they're helping you.

      Steph X
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      Good for you! I just came down with tinnitus after a concussion and have yet to habituate to it. I tried AudioNotch to match my frequency and it's around 8,000 Hz.

      My audiologist wants me to get the behind-the-ears maskers but of course insurance won't cover them.

      I will try the tinnitus apps first. Do they mask the sound of your tinnitus completely?

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