Tinnitus Since 1987 and Recent Allergies Are Killing Me!

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Do you have allergies and if so, do they impact your tinnitus?

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    1. Tennis Fan

      Tennis Fan Member

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      Dealt with T fine for 25+ years, but of late perfume and other allergies are making my ringing go through the roof.

      At work I have neighbors with strong perfume or cleaning products at their desk that drives me crazy.

      At home I cleaned a shower with Clorox a couple of months ago, and ever since, that's driving me crazy in the bathroom and adjoining bedroom. I rarely sleep in that room now because of it and I"m married!

      This is causing quite a stress on my marriage, work and overall mood.

      I also tried Allegra but it shot my T up too and I stopped that immediately.

      Does anybody else have allergies that impact their T? If so, have they found a solution to address this?

    2. Grace
      No Mood

      Grace Member

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      Was your tinnitus noise induced when you first got it 25 years ago?
    3. AUTHOR
      Tennis Fan

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      Yes. At a nightclub dancing near speakers with music so loud you had to yell just to talk two feet away.
    4. Stina

      Stina Member Benefactor

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      Did you mean to say that Clorox etc make your T louder? It could be allergy med that is causing that or maybe it is a coincidence. Perhaps you try turning to non-allergic producst: they are more expensive but there is a chance theyd work.
      Also, I dont think the Clorox will stay in the bathroom for a couple of months - maybe its also psychological. Perhaps try sleeping with an open video and use masking sounds for your T.
    5. wpr

      wpr Member

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      I have had tinnitus for around 7 years but after a third bout of sinusitis since then I now seem to have allergies to lots of things- so many that I cannot isolate the causes. Each day I get gradual onset of severe pressure in both ears, usually with increasing headache which spreads from my ear area, accompanied by heightened tinnitus. Some chemicals, dust, feathers, caffeine, spices? lily pollen, dairy? I don't know what else. I had allergy testing from my GP following my second sinusitis 3 years ago and nothing showed, however the symptoms are MUCH worse now after the third bout last November. I am trying to identify as many triggers as possible before I go back to the GP as I did feel that I was being bothersome then and am reluctant to have that feeling again. I can't find anyone else describing this constant ear pressure with headaches; I have tried the ear pressure remover device but not noticed any change. Any suggestions to stop me going mad ?
    6. barbara r.

      barbara r. Member

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      Cause of Tinnitus:
      prolonged loud noise
      I just have a quick question. This looks like a similar topic. I have T and H. I've had sinusitis lifelong, so am used to it. But moving from NY to Florida has certainly increased the congestion. Any ideas out there on the effect of humid climate on T? Thanks for any info.

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