Tinnitus Spike from Caulking Gun: Can You Believe It?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Eric N, Sep 16, 2020 at 4:31 AM.

    1. Eric N

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      Montreal QC Canada
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      10/2012, 03/2016, 05/2017, 05/2018
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      noise + 3 major increases via (shouting / MRI/ flu+Tylenol)
      Last week I decided to to do some home renovations. When I used the silicon caulking gun, it was a bit rusty I guess, I pulled on the handle to remove the tube and it made a really loud metal high pitched screeching squealing sound and I was in bathroom so it was in an enclosed space.

      Now I have a really bad tinnitus spike ever since on top of another spike in another tone so I am really having a hard time.

      Is it possible this could cause damage given the proximity to my ears?! I guess anything is possible with this horrible condition!
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    2. Bill Arsenault

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      Permanent and severe since 2017
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      Medication / Noise Over Exposure
      Hey Bud.

      Hope your feeling a bit better.

      Highly unlikely that the spike is permanent.

      Noise trauma is more about duration when it comes to everyday sounds-
      even with tinnitus.

      If you have only had tinnitus for a year or so-
      It is common for your ears to seem very sensitive to harsh sounds and to get temporary spikes.

      Hang in there Bud.
    3. Psych

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      I would agree with Bill that it's probably temporary. Having a loud spike myself, so can relate, though I don't know what mine could be related to. Hope you feel better soon!

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