Tinnitus Spikes in Both Ears Not Going Away

Discussion in 'Support' started by 12stepCornelius, May 14, 2016.

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      Hi all,

      Tuesday evening of last week I was having dinner and boom, tinnitus spike in my quiet T ear. No big deal. Happens time to time.

      Fast forward to Thur. night last week, at my parents house, dogs are barking inside, still no big deal, as it never hurt my T before. But ever since Tue. night my T had been louder than usual with no apparent cause. I felt I maybe strained muscles in my neck, so tacked it down to that and moved along. Friday night, I'm in a hotel and can hear the T over my fan I bring everywhere with me. Saturday, I'm on a fishing trip and riding in a power boat at high speeds to get to fishing spots. I'm wearing my -25db plugs, but the wind is so high, it's still making all sorts of racket in my ears. So on the 10 min ride back I ditch the plugs and figure the wind is gonna make noise either way, so what's the point.

      I'm fine the rest of the day, besides the louder T in both ears, but figure it's because I didn't sleep at all the night before in the hotel, as I usually get at least 5 hrs sleep a night, that being on bad nights where sleep is hard to achieve, which isn't often.

      Sunday, I'm OK no big deal. Mon. I see a movie without ear plugs as I'd seen it several times before mostly no earplugs so I'm not worried about any adverse affects. Tue. I see another movie with -15db plugs this time as my T is kind of revved up. No change.

      Wed-today, I've been having all sorts of anxiety. Wednesday my T began to become reactive to my own voice and most sounds as it would spike momentarily with a hiss, then go back to just being louder than usual and constant.

      Yesterday, I had a big spike in my right ear (usually the quieter one before all this new mess started) which caused a dampened, full-ish feeling in the ear that lasted a good 10-15 min. before I had an increase in my H.

      Today I had issues with both ears feeling slightly plugged all morning and kept having to do that hold your nose and blow out in order to pop the tubes. That got better but I'm just still having issues with the T being louder than usual to the point where I can hear it while driving with the radio on low volume (couldn't hear it without the radio on in the car before), over my bedside fan, over most anything, it's so high pitched.

      I got T suddenly last summer without any particular noise trauma, but the docs say I have very mild hearing loss on the upper scale of the Hz. Hoping I haven't done more hearing damage from the boat ride and movie next day. I also feel that my hearing could be slightly diminished in both ears, though thinking I'm just getting myself paranoid at this point.

      I'm worried because I hear most people saying that temporary spikes settle within 48-72 hrs usually, while mine has stayed elevated going on 2 weeks now, and I'm hoping I'm not messing up by not getting in to someone sooner. I made a new appt with my specialist but can't get in to see them until week after next, so am just sitting on my hands here trying to cope as if it is last summer all over again. Sorry for the long post, I'm just panicky, but trying to stay calm and hope things settle down back to the previous base.
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      loud noise and very bad sickness

      Wow, i am sorry that you feel so bad, don't be scared, i know loud spikes of T suck really bad...whatever you do, don't panic...if it is that bad, why not mask it. You can get hearing aids that mask T and you can also listen to stuff on your iphone.

      stay calm, you shall be ok, trust me on this...if it does go back to lower T, then that would be awesome..no matter what happens, myself and this forum will support you :)

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