Tinnitus Started Four Weeks Ago and It's Hell

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Allan Mcmillan, May 29, 2019.

    1. Allan Mcmillan

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      April 30 2019
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Acoustic shock from playing guitar with headphones
      Hey everyone,

      I might have had tinnitus beforehand but it must have been at a 0.5-1 level and I habituated to it so well that I didn't know I had it until it spiked when I was practicing with my electric guitar which was plugged into my headphones.

      I remember my right ear ringing loudly when I took my headphones off.

      After that incident, I stopped using headphones and tried to avoid loud noises. My tinnitus was really loud during the first two weeks with multiple tones that I can't begin to describe. My ears felt full and was hurting a little bit. Additionally, I would hear this whistling sound which would accompany other sounds like cars going by or when the blow dryer is on.

      Fortunately half of the tinnitus went away after 2 weeks and the ear fullness and the overlapping sound also went away. I felt relieved and thought I was going to be able to hear silence again but unfortunately, yesterday the fullness and everything came back which has been really depressing.

      I'm afraid I'll never be able to play music again but overall I'm hoping that it would go away within a couple months.

      Anyway, I'm glad to be part of the crew :).
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    2. Ken219

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      New York Area
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      Summer of 1990
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      Noise exposure?
      And we are 'glad' to have you? The more the merrier? I'd love for research to find a better treatment or cure so this site can be shut down!
    3. Contrast
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      late 2017
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      noise injury
      The clogged ears is not congestion related ETD, it's a noise injury.
    4. Candy

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      Are you sure @Contrast as my ears always get clogged when I hear a loud noise?

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