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      My tinnitus started probably in January or February 2016 in both ears. Sounds like the mid-range continuous tones when you get a hearing test. It's constant and if i'm listening to music or talking with someone, i don't notice it until there is external silence. So it's more noticeable at night naturally.
      My real problem is vertigo only for 2 days in April 2016 which after that left me dizzy and lightheaded every day; this is so annoying. Not sure if vertigo and tinnitus are connected. I've had a bunch of tests, carotid ultrasound, MRI, and some other stuff all of which showed nothing. I guess that's good since it ruled out acoustic neuroma.

      So 2 days ago, i had 2 other tests: ECOG and VNG. The ECOG is just some electrodes on the forehead while the record information. I slept through this one. For the VNG, they squirted cold, then very warm water in each ear one at a time while i wore heavy goggles that made everything dark. It's common to feel really dizzy after the VNG for a few minutes which i did. Had to sit in the waiting room for 30 minutes or so before feeling comfortable enough to drive home.
      After the VNG, my dizziness and lightheaded are now worse from the water being squired into my ears. Yesterday, all the audiologist who did the test could tell me is "take it easy". Big help there.
      So although my issue may not be related to tinnitus, think twice before getting a VNG test (which is not to deal with tinnitus).
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      not sure
      If you have tinnitus and vertigo, then check with the doctor/ENT to see if you have Meniere's Disease. If you don't have that, then perhaps you have can search youtube for a half-somersault exercise by a lady MD whose method cured my sudden vertigo in a few exercises following her instructions.

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