Tinnitus Talk Group Meetings in England

Discussion in 'Support' started by Danny Boy, Oct 24, 2014.

    1. Danny Boy

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      Ear infection
      I was thinking, why don't we group together and create a support group in the UK and actually meet in person and do activities and maybe we could then do some fund raising.
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    2. Lisa Robinson

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      Sounds like a great idea. Fundraising would be great for this. We need to help speed up tbe process for a cure or help with Tinnitus!
    3. amandine

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      july 2014
      Yes a brilliant idea! How about lobbying some MP's about it or your local MP or standing outside parliament and screaming about it or speakers corner in hyde park....Or arrange a massive demo in London with all the T sufferers in the UK....and get some more stuff out on the TV radio and papers and internet....
      We need to do is some brain storming (instead of the brain storming for no reason!), come up with the right way of doing things and t....hen delegate who is doing what......a coordinated approach to get this info out....and get the priority for this problem raised....
      I am more than happy to help and do stuff and I bet there are loads more people who would be willing to help out with this...

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