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Discussion in 'Support' started by Neenie, Jan 31, 2014.

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      So I have to write a thesis for my Masters, and we can pretty much chose any topic, provided it gets ethics approval and school approval. I'd really like to do mine on tinnitus. Do any of you have a possible topic I could do? It's a 2 year long project, so it has to be pretty specific. Any new theories, or anything you guys would like to have cleared up?
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      What will doctors tell you if you enter their office and say your ears are still ringing 2 weeks after a concert, in 10 years?
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      Hey Neenie, how about the mid to long term impact of chronic Tinnitus on relationships (marriages, friendships, parent to child, etc.....) I have seen, and I am sure you have, that T has dramatic impact on out social identity and on those we love and associate with. It is dramatic and dynamic. I think that would be a great thesis. Especially if you selected a few subjects to follow over time. Just my two cents... Good luck and I hope you are well!!
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      That what Jeff just said sounds great. Also, I remember you studied nutrition so maybe do an interdisciplinary research combining the two. Maybe smth like the effect of diet and/or exercise on the people with chronic tinnitus (if you get approval you could probably try out some specific diets). But I think maybe that would be better for a 4 year study (phD) and Jeff's idea seems more simple and doable (probably interviews + theory).
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      Don't want to rain on your parade, but I am concerned that committing yourself to the next two years to put together your tinnitus thesis may cause you to obsess and monitor your t even more Neenie...What do you think? It's just a thought!
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      there's no need to monitor a tinnitus, either your hear it or not and everyday on the pillow you"ll hear it.

      all this monitor thesis is something that came from the obscure mind of scientists who had no clue how to solve a problem so they diverted the attention to something else, in this case, the patient.
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