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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Fin, Jul 4, 2019.

    1. Fin

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      Don’t know. I’m guessing it’s work or stress related.
      Hello everyone,

      Not sure if you’ve read my previous thread but I’ve been battling tinnitus since last year.

      I have designated a big chunk of my time and resources to trying to find fixes and I’m definitely 60%-70% better from all of the things that I have tried.

      Some listed here:
      • Cranial sacrum
      • Therapy
      • Acupuncture
      • Aryuvedic massages
      • Yoga
      • Hypnosis
      • Facials - these really help my body relax
      • Fitbit/oura ring - track sleep
      • Change my sleeping pattern to allow for min 6 hours sleep (ie cancelling meetings if I’m up late)
      • Semi boring audibles to put me to sleep
      • Eating clean and fasting - not too seriously though I still drink beer and eat sweets
      • Integrated vegetable soup into my diet every day and bought a juicer for fruits and vegetables in the morning.
      • Taking time out of my current environment to go stay in the country. Less tech time and interactions with other people.
      • Wear plugs for any loud activities and dodge clubs- although I’m scheduled in for Tomorrowland
      • Stopped all caffeine - sparkling water over Diet Coke every time now
      • Swapped weights in gym for cardio
      • Low dose every now and then of Diazepam 2mg - this is a recent thing to try and get me back to 100% gone
      Anyway, I’m not there yet but have a wonderful chap in London helping me called Julian Cowan Hill. He has a lot of YouTube videos that are great for people.

      I decided to put on a free event at my office for anyone suffering to come and listen to a panel of 5 people who have gone completely to silence and how they have done it - led by Julian.

      A big part of this is positivity that it will go and I thought this would help.

      My offices are in central London and the event is on 18th July. Limited spaces but if you’d like to attend - please dm your email address and I’ll get someone to ping you the invite.

      All the very best team and keep up the good fight!
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    2. Don Tinny

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      2017 (worsening)
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      Loud concert with ear plugs
      You have tried a lot of things. But keep in mind that tinnitus can (not always) improve naturally over time, so maybe it's only the natural course of the symptom.

      Is this your first bout of tinnitus?
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    3. Michael B

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      If all this helps your tinnitus that's great. It will certainly improve your health as well.
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    4. Tony Phylactou

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      Low 20 years high sept 2016
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      Cement factory noise lowT,then stress high T
      Excellent news. Can you put here a video of the event afterwards?
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    5. Striveon

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      Why are weight workouts bad? Why swap them to cardio?
    6. Candy

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      That’s amazingly proactive. What a great idea, wish more people in society - those with the means - would do something like this.

      Thanks @Fin - with your mindset I think you’ll get past this. I was doing fine but had a relapse (king story but it has reached an interesting intensity) and most people do habituate. It takes time you can’t hurry it but it does gradually happen to most.

      I’ve always stayed in touch with the community though for different reasons:
      1 I knew one day it could get worse especially with ageing.
      2 I wanted to give something back and didn’t want to see anyone suffering with this, even if I got better I didn’t want to leave anyone behind.

      That’s why I will always be a tinnitus advocate, even if it is once a year and then back to day to day life it’s something I believe we could all do and keep our voice strong.
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    7. JohnAdams

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      it started.
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      hearing loss
      you tried therapy? sweet.
    8. Rb86

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      I am so excited for this I can't tell you.
    9. Rb86

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      Looking forward to this tomorrow!

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