Tinnitus Tones Change All the Time

Discussion in 'Support' started by demi, Dec 17, 2013.

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      My T's tone changes all the time, for example about an hour ago it was very high pitched and less noticeable because of the pitch, and now it's lower and more noticeable.

      Does anyone else experience this? I know I've read a lot of people who say their's is constant and the same, but mine isn't. It's somewhat frustrating, because I never know if it's going to stay a certain way, and it's hard to keep trying to get used to something that changes so much.
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    2. Lulubug69

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      I was just about to post something regarding that. Mine has seemed to be basically the same although louder at times. Today after eating some crunchy crackers I noticed a pulse to the T as I chewed and continued. It's something I hadn't noticed before. Is calming down now, but this is new.
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      Hi Demi and Lulubug, Thanks for your stories. This forum really helps me. Talking with others who 'know' t is reassuring, even though I'm sure everyone here feels sorry for everyone here!
      Mine started as a constant tone but now mercifully I get delivered lots of variants in tone and volume that are reset each night. I wake up in the morning , and usually what I have then, is what I deal with for the rest of the day. I go to sleep at night, then wake up with a new track from the playlist. When its bad, its the millions of crickets or billions of tinkling fairy bells underpinned by a oscillating, high pitched machinery noise. No fun. When its good its a faint warbling, whooshing whistle that I can ignore for hours. In the first month of the t it was just a really loud, constant, demoralizing tone. I think if you have to have the t, then the 'variety' playlist is preferable! Its preferable, because in that variety, there's a bit of hope - hope that it'll deliver something quieter or just a bit nicer one day. Mine's improved. I usually go 3 days 'good', 2 days 'bad'. Does make it easier to cope, knowing a good spell isn't too far away.
      What a weird condition it is.
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    4. sara

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      Hello I am experiencing the exact same thing. Mine started as loud and constant. Then buzzing , crickets and whistling added one by one. I usually go to sleep and wake up with a different sound and deal with it the next day. But the past 5 days it's changed to crazy roller coaster one minute buzzing and another minute whistling. It's crazy. Is hard to deal with because one minutes I am happy and another minutes anexiety takes over. I am just hope it goes away EVENTUALLY.

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