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Discussion in 'Support' started by leeanne, Jun 27, 2016.

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      court case, moving house, not eating healthy, root canal
      Hi, I've had tinnitus in my left ear since a second part of a root canal procedure since May 2016, I don't know how else to treat it. I've seen various doctors and specialists and nothing has worked. I just have a piercing sound in my left ear 24/7, no pain just the noise its hard sleeping and working.

      I was initially on various pain killers from Brufen, Amoxylin, Paracetamols in March for the pain I had before the Root canal procedure. The dentist worked on my lower back teeth and were cleaning out 4 canals and one was difficult to do. After the second Root canal treatment at the dentist I started getting the piercing in my left ear. I believe they disrupted a nerve there. He referred me on to a Root Canal Specialist, he tried further to fix this and put me on Valium for a week to relax the area and resolve it but it didn't work. He believes cross bite that I have and grinding caused this, in conjunction with this procedure.

      I've been to an ENT specialist and he recommended NeilMed Sinus rinse, I've been doing this 2-3 times a day and using Nasal spray and its still the same. I had an MRI scan and am awaiting results. The ENT specialist put a string thing down there and could see on the screen inside my ear and believes there is no air circulation in there. But I've been doing as he suggested for 1 month now and its not working, not sure what else to try? How else can I improve circulation there? Never had this before, I'm 41 years old. Thanks
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      acoustic trauma
      Welcome leeanne! Sorry to hear you're experiencing T after your dental procedure. As you mentioned that you took various kinds of pain medication before the root canal was done, keep in mind that your T could also be drug induced. But if you really assume that you T is because of Eustachian tube dysfunction you could also try steam inhalation.. I keep my fingers crossed that your T will go away with time, but if not, I assure you that you will habituate to it .its just very hard in the beginning but it eventually gets easier with time. Good luck to you!

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