Tinnitus Whilst Sleeping

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mo_Mo, Jan 21, 2015.

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      Unknown, Started A Week After A Cold
      I have had T for the past 2 months, it is not from tmj or hearing loss,
      The first couple of weeks was extremely hard to sleep
      But I have been habituation day by day
      Yesterday T did not bother me much I had kept my self very busy and in environments that would mask it.
      Usually when I sleep I do not hear my T, and can get a good 6 hours of sleep.
      But last night I kept hearing the T even louder during my sleep and dreams where I kept waking up, strangely when I woke up the T was not as loud as it was when I was sleeping.
      Has anyone experienced such a thing? Where T seems louder when asleep?
      Or could it be that I was having a nightmare that included T?
    2. conbsgc

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      Could it be your anxiety? I suffered from chronic 24/7 back and neck pain and when I first got it it would wake me up because it was so uncomfortable, eventually I would have regular 8 hour sleep and wake up with pain but nevertheless slept.
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      Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night my t seems very loud and its only when I fully wake up that it returns to my normal level, im not sure if my t is waking me up or if its a result of general anxiety that's causing sleep disruptions. General feeling is that t wont wake u up usually so as I hopefully get used to it in theory sleep should just get better, so they say

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