Tinnitus with Ear Fullness and Aching

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by patrick james, Mar 4, 2016.

    1. patrick james

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      Loud Noise Exposure At Gun Range
      I was recently exposed to loud noise at an outdoor gun range back in mid December of 2015.
      I had foam ear plugs on and was at the gun range for a very short period of time (~45 minutes) and only was shooting about 10% of that time. When I wasn't shooting I stood back about 20 feet from others that were shooting. I have never been to a gun range before and never shot a gun or was exposed to gun noise prior to this incident. When I left the facility I took out my ear plugs and I had ringing in my ears and the sound of folks talking to me was distorted/muffled.

      Two days latter I went to my GP and he said I had acute ottis media with effusion (i.e. fluid in my ears). Turns out I was getting over a cold or allergy at the time which could cause this. They put me on steroid pills and nasal spray for a few weeks. That cleared it up and I went to see the ENT since I still had ringing in my ears along with ear fullness and occasional ear ache.

      The ENT said based upon my audiologist result, I had slight high frequency hearing loss due to nerve damage that came from the loud noise at the gun range. He said there was nothing they could do in regard to the hearing loss, tinnitus, and the ear fullness/ache and I would have to live with it. But it may or may not get better over time. My hearing is still very good since I only have a slight amount of hearing loss at the 4K level.

      I got hearing aids for both ears and that helps with the tinnitus and helps with the ear pressure/aching.
      My tinnitus has days when it is loud and some days when it is quieter.

      My biggest concern is the ear fullness and occasional aching that comes and goes everyday throughout the day. I've had this now going on 3 months and I read online that it may be symptoms of Secondary Endolymphatic Hydrops (SEC). I was wondering if there are any tinnitus folks reading this that ever heard of loud noise exposure causing ear fullness/aching for such an extended period of time. Also, I don't have any dizziness or balance issues so I'm not certain that I have SEH, but I do seem to have the other symptoms associated with it. I would really appreciate any feedback anyone has in this regard.


      Patrick James
    2. Bobby B

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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      I don't know about the fluid issue but I know about shooting range ear damage and the 4k and HF loss - you will never heal you ears unless you protect those ears from normal loudish sound and above - that's 65db not the 85.
      65 Db is a normally loud restaurant or street /train / inside a car etc..

      How bad is your hearing loss in Db ? Does it require hearing aids on a constant basis ?

      I would buy the Peltor x5a ear muffs and wear those for the next 6 months to give your body a chance to heal the ears or earplugs if you Prefer those .
    3. AUTHOR
      patrick james

      patrick james Member

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      Loud Noise Exposure At Gun Range
      My hearing loss at the 4K is about 40Db in both ears. I hear very well without the hearing aids. I only use the hearing aids to help with the tinnitus and ear fullness/aching. If I don't wear the hearing aids the ear fullness/aching occurs. I was wondering if anyone else experienced hearing aids keeping the ear fullness/aching from occuring. Does this mean I'll always have to wear the hearing aids or will the ear fullness/aching go away over time.
    4. Larry (Fish Man)

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      Running bass boats guiding/ In my welding shop
      I am male 71 good health until five years ago when tinnitus paid me a visit. Strange not like visitors that will leave it did not go away and with it came fullness at times in left ear just as I have right now. It does come and go but never away. I ended up with hearing aids that help me hear some but as far as helping tinnitus for me they do not but it is still here with me. I keep in good shape and just deal with it on a daily basis wish there was some cure maybe one day there will be. If I notice the tinnitus it gets worse so I try to stay busy which helps. Wish I had a better answer but staying busy keeping my mind busy works for me as best it can. At night I use a sound machine to get to sleep which helps. The fullness in my left ear seems to come and go can not find any reason.
    5. sray1210

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      sudden extreme loud sound out of large speaker
      Patrick, I just joined this forum although I've had cursed T since 2011 after being exposed to a sudden incredibly loud sound at a concert. Your symptoms sound exactly like mine. Have you had any changes since you first posted? The ear fullness has gotten worse for me, which prompted me to seek out information. I go to an audiologist next week. I want to look into hearing devices, and changing to low salt/sugar diet. The continual sound is one thing, the ear fullness is a whole other ballgame.

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