Tips for Dealing With the Drone

Discussion in 'Support' started by Amelia, Mar 9, 2015.

    1. Amelia

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      More and more often I'm getting a droning/physical buzz in my head. Sounds like a low hum from a refrigerator or a car idling - and it's physical ... Vibrated inside my head. Most of the time it's so loud it masks my ringing.

      Apart from being so so scared that this is soon going to be my normal, I'd like some tips on dealing with this oarticular sound.

      Positive help only please xxx
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    2. SleeplessSoul

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      I have similar sounds. If I stick my finger in the ear canal, it seems to stop it. Masking with low frequency sounds masks it, and for me, and just for me, aspirin helps mine because it's related to some kind of nerve, or neuromusculr problem, either with the jaw or neck.
      I know aspirin is ototoxic but I only take it a couple of days a week and then the high pitched ringing in my other ear will get loud, and then I stop.
      This sounds nerve related to me, because I also get the vibration feeling and buzzing around my eye and external ear.

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