Tips to Come Off Benzos with Masker

Discussion in 'Support' started by David S, Jul 25, 2014.

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      I had some problems to give up Sobril (a light benzo). I used Sobril 5-6 month from onset. Then I started with a masker Widex Zen. I am using it with whitenoise. I like the noise, it is soft and you can adjust it in 11 levels. I have it 4 steps down from max. I can still hear my T clearly trough the noise but it seam somehow take the edge of it. A few days after starting it gave me so much comfort/relief so I managed to quit benzo completely.

      I use it awake hours and plan to do so for now. Hope that this have more to give over time once it comes to habitation. Also I believe that my sleep improved as well.

      T is still a major problem in my life but still it feels good to manage without meds. Benzo never touched my T, it just helped me with anxiety. Also used Zoloft. Do not think it did anything for me but to make things harder.

      Where I live you got the Widex Zen for free if you got sever T.

      Stay strong and as busy you can!
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