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Discussion in 'Support' started by dm222, Mar 14, 2019.

    1. dm222

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      after cold and ear syringing 20-30% of volume 06/2018

      My jaw is moving around, sometimes I can close my mouth and the teeth will fit, sometimes the jaw moves 1mm forward and then it doesn't close properly because the teeth won't fit.

      My jaw feels sore, and my ears get full if I chew too much... and I hear crackling in the ear...

      Tinnitus is back but not as bad as it was last year.

      Is this TMJ?

    2. GSC

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      Acoustic trauma.

    3. HanaK

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      NIHL, ETD, TMJ?
      Sounds like TMJ dysfunction. I have some of these symptoms as well. Go to your dentist and see if they notice any signs of teeth grinding, and see what they recommend in terms of treatment. Sometimes they'll recommend a night guard to keep pressure off your jaw at night if you grind/clench. Or a soft foods diet/warm towel compress & jaw exercises for a week or two to see if the symptoms alleviate itself. Do you have clicking of the jaw or lock jaw where you can't close your mouth because the joint is stuck?
    4. AUTHOR

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      after cold and ear syringing 20-30% of volume 06/2018
      The jaw doesn't get stuck, just that half of the time it seems to be in a different position.

      Not much, 1 to 2 mm but enough for the teet not to fit each other.

      I hear crackling in the jaw and hear chewing.
    5. Allan1967

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      Ear infection
      Get to your Dentist and get a mouth splint. I had a severe bout of secondary tinnitus through TMJ when it went.
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      late 2017
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      injury from noxious noise
      It's hilarious how TMJ/TMD and Hearing damage seem to have cross-overs regarding the trigeminal nerve but no one is going to cross discipline research it to figure out what the hell is going on.

      The audiologist willl deny dental problems have anything to do with an otological problem.
      The dentist will agree vice versa.

      Most people with tinnitus seem to have some hearing loss and some jaw issue.
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      Be examined by a really good ENT physician. I experienced a raging tinnitus for the first time recently, which my ENT determined was caused by TMJ issues. He gave me helpful guidelines for not aggravating my TMJ (such as avoiding hard foods) and recommended a physical therapist, although I am under the care of another PT. My tinnitus has been subsiding.
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