To All the Suffering

Discussion in 'Support' started by kevin b, May 12, 2015.

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      Good Morning. I belive almost all of us agree what an amazing site this is for all of us in the T club. I certainly agree that there are different levels of "suffering" that we all have. my heart bleeds for those that are much younger than me and for those who have it severe, have H and have it combined with other debilating illness's. My own struggle has been difficult and I would guess most everyone on here would say the same. I am writing not to criticize or diminish anyones situation, but lately there have been numerous posts that seem to be questioning Dr. Naglers motives. I hope those people can look beyond their pain and see that there is a man here who has struggled like all of us that is willing to help, on his own time. You don't have to agree, but throwing insults helps no one. I wish us all peace.
      Kevin B
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