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Discussion in 'Support' started by Megatron, Nov 14, 2015.

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      Hi all,

      I have had T for 10 years. Hell In The beginnning - took me 3 years to habituate.
      Have had Lots of spikes during The years.
      Got The Spike from hell In june this year / New hiiiigh pitch sounds, very loud too - could hear it above everything.
      Terrible headaches and tension, my HA also came back.
      It took me 6 months - now I am back to baseline 100%.
      My point - New sounds and increased volume will GO back to baseline.
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    2. Telis

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      Drugs barotrauma
      So your T is back to where it was at onset? My T is literally 100 x wrose than it was at onset (no exaggeration), it's 2 years later now, I'm pretty sure it won't go back although I still hope everyday.
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    3. Blujay

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      What caused your spike?
    4. Sailboardman

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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      After 19 months, if what I hear is my baseline, I'm screwed!
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      After 10 years I had a noise incident which caused an increase which definitely never returned to baseline (6 years later)....

      That said, I can't actually say that this bothers me any more than it did during first onset when I was 19, so the distress has basically returned to baseline... but a lot of that has to do with pretty deliberate cognitive re-arrangement and accommodation...
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    6. Jimmie

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      Been having T since 2011, had a very rough time first year with it, but after that I could manage it and life.
      3 weeks ago or so my T spiked a ton like 1-2 weeks after a nasty flu ended.
      Now I am back to 2011 it feels, the sound takes up ALL my time, it is always in focus as it was back then. I cannot do anything to escape it like back then.

      And with that came a roaring depression,anxiety, hopelessness feeling back and panikattacks, fear started again.

      Trying my best to tell myself that I will get back to where I was before with accepting it but right now It is not working at all.

      I had a problems with H when I got T, and that is back aswell. With weird distortion sometimes with like keys clinging etc. I feel that is more linked to my anxiety however then the actually Tinnitus itself.
    7. AUTHOR

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      @Blujay - loud Music and stress
    8. Zimichael

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      (1956) > 1980 > 2006 > 2012 > (2015)
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      Ac. Trauma & Ac.Trauma + Meds.
      Well, I have to say that for some people (like myself and some other "long termers" I know), the assumption of this original post is completely wrong and may give a false sense of confidence in relation to noise/sound exposure where it may not be warranted!
      Yes, I realize that "T susceptibility" is different for everyone, but I also believe that if one gets tinnitus in the first place - especially acoustic trauma induced, versus all those who amazingly do not even when abusing their ears to extraordinary has to be more careful in the future. Or one may pay a heavy price!

      In usual fashion, I will back up my statement above with a rather "full, detailed and comprehensive" explanation. Then you can make up your own mind about it...

      Different stages of my T, etc.

      Stage I...T at age 6 (1956) was purely from "gunshot type" noise exposure = a big squib (firecracker) my bother threw at me and blew up right next to my left ear. Gave me a high pitched ringing only in left ear. Pretty much forgot it existed for the most part and when in my 20's and did meditation, realized I could only really hear it in a quiet room, or if paid close attention to it in any very quiet environment.

      Stage II...T at age 30 (1980) was from noise exposure doing demolition of my parents-in-law's centuries old barn. Confined space. Inside. Lots of hammering and old nails making a terrible squeaking sound as I pulled them out. No hearing protection. Doubled in volume from prior baseline and became bi-aural. Freaked me out. Used over-head hearing protectors for a lot of stuff. Avoided loud sounds. My kids grew up with "Dad does not like loud noises so don't scream". Poor tykes.
      Realize now that I had Hyperacusis along with the new level of T, but did not know what that was at the time, just protected. Took a couple of years to calm down. 5 years later was pretty much 100% over the H and living fine with the Level II tinnitus. Protected around loud machinery, etc. but no big change in quality of life.

      Stage III...T and H at age 56 (2006) was 100% from ototoxic meds. I was being treated for possible Lyme Disease and God knows what else. I was a major mess. Undiagnosed illness that lasted nearly 7 years (was my gut!) and nearly croaked a couple of times. Was pure hell. In the end, the worst of it all was the even louder tinnitus (now Level III and very loud) and the new high level hyperacusis. As wrote in many posts on the TT Forum some years ago, the H is the bigger bastard of the two. Took 6 years to get my life back enough to do the things I loved that involved some noise (dance/theater, etc.) but nowhere near able to go to movies or concerts or events with clapping etc. So say, I got about 75% of my quality of life back.

      Stage IV...T mainly and return increase in H as well at age 62 (2012). This was mainly from "stealth" sound exposure. Low volume really but over many hours (a meeting in shitty acoustics room). Not sure what decibel levels were but I totally thought I was safe...until I came out of there. T up to a new level of volume = very, very loud. Louder than anything else, any time, anywhere, except a waterfall close by or a few feet from a bath running with a lot of water coming out of the tap. The H was maybe back to about 80% of the old level in 2006. Very, very, very depressing and disappointing.
      Quit 95% of my 'quality of life' stuff and still have not got that back 3 years later. I can't attend classes or be around a lot of people or do dance, or go to restaurants, etc., etc., etc. I have to wear plugs a lot more than before in town etc. as the slightest "sound zap" sends the T volume up even more - temporarily. But you know what the fear is = that it won't come down again. I make sure I am not in places where I might get zapped without protection in first. The H is probably going down at about the same rate as it did before...around 5-10% per year I would guess. However, after 9 months or so I could drive my car without plugs in which was not the case for the first few years after the 2006 event.
      ***Note! This Stage IV increase may have had a meds component too, as I was taking a very low dose of Itraconazole just before it happened for a few weeks, as a 'preventive' for any gut troubles during the dance show I was doing. (My gut seems to respond to that anti-fungal for reasons my doc or I don't understand. Whatever works!) However, I had had similar periods of taking the med even at higher doses with no problems. I believe it was the combination of sound + low dose meds that did it. *[I have posted extensively on that 'theory/danger' too in the past!].

      Stage V... T increase at age 65 (2015) - as of a three hour phone-call this past Tuesday night with a TT member, via speaker-phone (I can't use a handset as too dangerous re inner feeling of "ears bruising" quickly, etc.). Even louder T volume!!! But outcome to be determined. Am taking high doses of prednisone as I write this, and increased Klonopin immediately. As of corticosteroids use only started 3 days after the event I think it is coming down and not going to hold like it did in 2012. I sure bloody hope so anyway!!!

      Well, I think that covers the idea that "T returns to the old baseline".....Ummm, which baseline would you prefer. The first or the last???

      If this helps ONE PERSON avoid what has happened to me...this post has done its job.
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    9. CarloZ

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      September 3, 2015
      Oh crap. I got tinnitus from using loud earphones for the past 4-5 years. Very mild though, how I don't have high pitched loud T is beyond me. I abused my ears with maximum volume earphones listening to death metal. I expect my will get worse then when I'm older. :(

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