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Discussion in 'Support' started by cmurem, Apr 26, 2014.

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      I wonder if T arised from a conductive(mechanical part) problem of ear, could be continued altough the problem is solved? If no, or mostly no; why some specialists say that T is essentially a brain issue?..
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      I kinda ask myself the same.. Its been shed so much light on the brain. But to my understandings it is well known that T can have a lot of causes, and one or more of them involves the brain.

      I wish there was a clinic around in my area that spesialized in T and were able to start looking at the outer ear, and work its way inwards to rule out any causes of this mechanical part.

      My ENT simply told me that my eardrum doesnt look perforated, and my hearing is better than average.
      He also said that half of the population has T, so just deal with it!

      At that time, I felt I was left to die.

      Im so happy for this forum :)
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      My T is caused from sensorineural hearing loss in high frequences. I do not have conductive problem. My point is why some say that T is a brain issue other than an ear issue altough it's known that manipulation of brain which cause the phantom sound, originated in EAR..
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      Well I think a cure is on the way. And I'm thinking that in addition to fixing the ears, the real breakthrough will be in fixing the brain, as it were, to stop it sending the phantom signals in the first place. Autifony being the cutting edge.

      I just can't believe that if 'everyone' has it, or half the population, that a massive push isn't being made to fix it. T is different than hearing loss. Hearing loss sucks too. But T is too much hearing. It's a genuine malady, and I'd like to think that brain science has come of age enough that enough resources are put to it, a cure can be had in our lifetime. And soon!
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    5. Denny

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      Jan 2013
      The signal is from the brain . If you speak wit ENT it is a ear problem if
      you speak with a neurologist in is a brain problem. Neither has any solution.
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    7. Dr. Nagler

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      I respectfully disagree. There solutions - just no cures.

      Stephen Nagler
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      Littlebaily: Many would say that there has been no massive push because T is not a fatal disease. But on a positive note I also agree with others that the US government is taking more interest in the search for a cure (ie. funding) given the increasing number of veterans that have suffered hearing loss and/or T from concussive events like bomb blasts. And of course as has been pointed out here, there is some hope that with growing numbers of T sufferers from our ever noisy society (eg the love of the youth for loud music), researchers and drug companies can sense the lucre in treatments and/or a cure.

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