Tongue, Throat and Ear Pain

Discussion in 'Health Talk' started by Artmuzz, Apr 5, 2016.

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      I was eating my dinner last night when suddenly out of the blue I felt pain in the far left side of my tongue. When I looked at it in the mirror there is a light coloured small pimple that is tender to the touch. The pain is also making me feel as if I have pain in the left side of my throat and a bit of earache in my left ear and is made worse when I swallow food. I don't know if this is connected but I also had left shoulder and neck pain a couple of days before.

      I have been googling my symptoms on the net and getting scared as the word oral cancer pops up through searches.
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      Whoa.... That's kind of a little bit too serious. I have the same issues too, don't think too much of it. Might just be another mouth ulcer that is causing pain to the nerves
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      Try a mouth wash and if it's not gone over the weekend have it checked by your dentist or doctor....lots of love glynis

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