Too Many Tones

Discussion in 'Support' started by Penelope33, Apr 25, 2014.

    1. Penelope33

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      Are different t tones due to different things ? How the hell can I have ; morse code, white noise AND buzzing/ clicking AND hissing?!!!!

      As well as loud popping every time I swallow....
    2. Leah

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      Here here, hope someone can explain this too.
    3. Grace
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      I dont know but id like to think as time
      Goes on youl loose a couple of
      Those different sounds!!!
    4. Oli

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      Acoustic Trauma
      Revive this thread I have four tones
      About many can you hear?
    5. buzztone

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      I think the ear can produce as many sounds as are capable of being made. From popping, clicking, low hums, idling noises, musical screeches, and electronic sounds verging on the "digital." If we can hear it all simultaneously, the ear can produce it simultaneously too. And the brain can interpret it...

      I can usually hear about three tones, depending on time of day and how much noise is around me. A low hum, a louder "sine wave" tone, and a very high pitched hissing.

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