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      Hi everyone my name is Danielle I'm 24 years old and have had Tinnitus for 5 years.
      It all started when I had a big tooth abses during that time I discovered the ringing in both of my ears 24/7. I went to the doctors and they subscribed tablets that didn't work and they wasn't keen on referring me. I began to control it and was able to live with it at times it was bad and hyped up but I thought it would be ok So I decided to carry on my my life and deal with it. But it came to my attention a few months ago that it's getting worse. This is where the battle in my story begins .I find myself every night battling my sleep. I hear it 24/7 but at night is when I notice it the most, it causes me to have multiple panic attacks and I often cry musk to sleep and I feel trapped, scared, nervous - my head will not simply relax I can't remember the last time I truly relaxed. I feel like I can't keep up with my life style and its getting in the way of almost everything. I can't stay up late even if i want to it will hit 9pm and then it's like almost my Tinitus says well time to go to sleep time to hype up. It's hard to sleep in the same bed as my boyfriend because even the simple sound of him breathing hurts my ears ehich upsets me so much but I am trying my best to not get to the point where we are in separate beds it's not fair it's not beating me that way. I work with children and a few times it's come across my mind wether to carry on working in that environment busy children running around work load etc but also I'm not letting that beat me as have worked to hard to be where I am now, however will that day come? I hope not as in not he type of person to give up. My Tinitus feels like almost a curse something that I can't escape. After ages of asking for help and support I decided to change my doctors and on my 1st appointment they listened and have refered me. I said 2016 is the year I gain control of my life again and beat my tinitial and not let it take over my life. I know it can never be cured but I know there is help out there for us and my help after a long wait starts today. Thank you for reading my story I'm glad I have found a support network where we can all be there for each other and understand each others pain as I do feel people don't see this as an illness because theres not a physical sign (apart from looking tired all the time due to lack of sleep) thank you again x
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      Welcome Danielle. You are at the right place as many members here understand the pain you are having. You are a brave lady indeed, to live with T so long and still working & fighting. That speaks of stamina in your character. Keep that fighting spirit, if not in confronting your T, but to bravely accept the reality of T while seeking ways to improve the condition.

      It is not often that dental works have been known to cause T. Perhaps it is the drug used? TMJ? But it is not easy to pin down the exact cause. So it is best we try to move on and deal with it. You are already doing quite well, in the sense that you are working and performing, even with noisy kids around. So give yourself credit for having that mental toughness.

      If your haven't yet done so, I suggest the following:

      Masking to help with anxiety:

      When T is new or hitting a new level and the ringing is causing much anxiety and panic, it is advisable to get some form of masking ASAP so you won’t be so anxious and fearful. Stress and anxiety are toxic to T. So try masking if you haven’t done so. Bed time masking is best done with a sound machine or sound pillow. I also used to mask even on-the-go with an ipad.

      Here is TT's own masking sounds:

      If you need more masking sounds for PC, here is free ‘aire freshener’:

      Rain sounds are soothing indeed. You can make your own rain sounds with this rain generator:

      And if you need DIY notched Acoustic Coordinated Reset Neuromodulation (ACRN):
      (please be careful and research the pro and con on ACRN before proceeding with caution)

      Supplements, diet and Natural alternative products for sleep:

      Members here often recommend some good supplements, such as NAC, Magnesium, Zinc, B12, D3, etc., and reduce intake of salt, sugar, MSG, caffeine, alcohol etc. You may also want to help yourself to get more sleep. Sleep deprivation is one sure way to fire up T. Get some bed time masking such as a sound machine or a sound pillow etc., so you can fall asleep better. Instead of sleep meds from the doctor, you can try natural alternatives such as Camomile tea, Hops, Valerian tablets, Melatonin etc. Check out this site on using natural herbs for sleep problem:

      Read Success Stories:

      Try to read as many success stories as you can. They can help lift your spirit and reduce your anxiety. They also contain insights and wisdom from those who have gotten better. I was in a mess a few years back afflicted with ultra high pitched dog whistle T and severe hyperacusis which turned all normal sounds unbearably loud and piercingly hurtful. I also had relentless anxiety and panic attacks. I never thought I could recover and have a good life again. But here I am living a normal and absolutely enjoyable life. I list some pointers which have helped me greatly. If you wish to read it, here is the link:

      You may want also to read the most read success story ‘Back to Silence’ with a simple effective strategy by IWLM:

      There are a lot of things you can learn from TT to help you get better. Don't panic and don't despair. There is a high probability that you will be just fine and that this spike may settle down. Relax & stay positive. Just believe that you will get better over time. Take good care & God bless.
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