Treating Tinnitus and Hearing Loss with Ozone Autohemotherapy and Ozonides

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by Indra, Mar 28, 2020.

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      Acoustric Trauma, Ototoxicity, etc.
      Has anyone here tried Ozone Autohemotherapy? I had found a study showing it worked better than hyperbaric oxygen for recent onset hearing loss and tinnitus.

      The doctor I am seeing soon for HBOT can perform this as well, and I am considering it, also considering my own ozone generator to use for Ulcerative Colitis, rectal insufflation, and suppositories.

      I have some topical ozone stuff and I swear using it, the smell or something seemed to mess with ears and give headache first night, and maybe mess with ears today.

      People use ozone therapy in various ways.

      Once it mixes with blood or it is infused in an oil, ozonides are created.

      Anyone have any experience with this and any effect good or bad on ears? To be clear, I am talking about it used for that purpose and others.
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      Noise exposure

      I haven't tried autohemotherapy, but I did document my experience with ear and rectal insufflation. I've had my own autoimmune complications, the rectal ozone helped temporarily and marginally. If you have ulcerative colitis, I imagine that the rectal insufflation would be localized and direct, you might have more benefit than I had, as my condition was regarding the peripheral nervous system. If you dig backwards into this linked thread a bit, I think I go into some detail:

      Anything HBOT or along the lines of your thinking sounds like a job for @Lane. He's your guy.

      If you're curious, Post #981 on this thread, I do go into what actually helped my autoimmune:

      Hope this helps you somewhat, good luck in your search,

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      ototoxic; ozone

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