Treatment for Acute Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Filipo, Nov 24, 2015.

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      Hi... Is there a drug or treatment for recent tinnitus?

      I'm sorry if this subject was already answered, I am new to this and I can´t read everything. I read some things but I didn´t reach a conclusion, because of ambiguous results. I heard about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or some drugs still in experimental phase.

      My T appeared four months ago from exposure to street noise which probably didn´t damage my inner ear (the ear was damaged from before). I had had hyperacusis for some months and some hearing loss, so maybe this combination was the cause (I pushed my sound tolerance too much and I was in a red-alert state).

      My T is mild and reactive, in the sense that it changes with sound (from a pink noise-like sound to the same one but with a high-pitched cricket or electrical-like sound added to it).

      Any information is welcomed!
    2. Atlantis

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      • Steroids (must be administered within 48 hours for best results)
      • AM-101 clinical trial, (tinnitus onset 3-6 months max)
      • HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, the sooner it is started, the better)
      • Maybe a drug called Trobalt but it has serious side effects
      There's nothing else out there...!
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      @Atlantis covered it. That's pretty much all there is medically.
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      HI Filipo,

      You have had tinnitus just a short while and one of the best things that you can do is to leave things alone. Unless you have pain in your ears, loss of hearing, balance problems or dizziness wait a while as your auditory system will probably calm down and the tinnitus could go away.

      The ear is a very delicate organ, and many ENT Drs prefer to leave things as they are for up to six months sometimes longer unless there are additional problems like I’ve mentioned. Withing six months it’s likely that you’ll habituate to the tinnitus or it might go away. By all means have a word with your Dr if the T is making you feel down as this is quite common with the onset of tinnitus. You may be prescribed something to help relax you so that you don’t feel so stressed.

      Try to avoid quite rooms and surroundings especially at night as the brain will focus more on the tinnius and it will appear to be louder and more intrusive. At night many people use a sound machine that plays nature sounds by the bedside which can be very helpful. Please click on the links below as you might find the information on tinnitus and a sound machine helpful.

      A referal to an ENT department to check you over won't do any harm, but if there's no underlining problems, your Dr is likely to suggest to wait a while before taking things further.
      If you listen to music through headphones it would be a good idea not to use them for a while even at low volume, and keep away from loud sounds.


      PS: There are many treatments for tinnitus some I've mentioned in the post below titled: An introduction to tinnitus.
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      @Atlantis , @Nucleo, @Michael, thank you.

      Michael, thanks for the advice and the texts. As soon as I can I will read them. Great work you did. Thanks for sharing it.

      Atlantis, that is exactly what I wanted, to have all available treatments listed, that´s great. Do you know in what cases HBOT seems to work in some people? As I told you, in my case, T is quiet recent. But my hearing loss is older. I had an acoustic shock in January. Maybe my inner ear was damaged there (with consequent hearing loss), but I can´t be sure, maybe it was damaged from before.

      HBOT, if it works, would avoid inner ear cells from dying, so it would reduce or eliminate tinnitus only indirectly? Or it attacks tinnitus mechanism directly?

      Also, someone could do HBOT soon after an acoustic trauma, at the same time he/she takes a corticosteroid, or the ear could recover on its own, naturally. Is there some study about the efficacy of HBTO?

      Is there someone who did HBOT with good results?
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      Probably sound, though never proven
      Then you've got to find a Doctor (the medical Gatekeper) that even knows what you are talking about let alone where and how to refer you.
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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      A quart of scotch a day, keeps the Tinnitus away! (Bartender recomended.) };-)
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      thank you for the recommendation. maybe i´ll try scotch with trobalt.

      AM101, there is not in my city. Steroids are not for my case.

      I'll read more about HBOT and trobalt and ask a doctor about it.

      thanks again.
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