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      I have a mild Tonal Tinnitus for about 2 years, that I believe is resulting from some hearing loss on high-frequencies. This T is not a big problem, since is very mild and I am quit used to it.

      However, 9 months ago a terrible Pulsatile Tinnitus joined the party (just after a exostosis removal surgery).
      This Pusaltille Tinnus is very somatic, in the sense I am able to modulate and even cancel it doing jaw maneuvers, clenching teeth or just pressing my cheekbone.
      It fits very well on the Somatosensory Pulsatile Tinnitus Syndrome described by doctor Levine.

      My ENT sent me to a dentist expert which confirmed I have some irregularities on my TMJ and advised to start using a bite splint and do 6 TMJ physio sessions.
      According to him, I have alot of tension on masseter muscle, with clear trigger points.

      I am now using the bite splint for 2 months, have made the 6 TMJ physiotherapy sessions and also had one lidocaine injection on masseter.

      After these treatments I notice slightly improvements. Ear Fullness sensation and sound sensitivity diminished . Also the whoosh frequency and volume reduced. However super calm days still constrast with days full os stress.

      Finally coming to my big question... I would like to add that my physiotherapist suggested me to initiate trigger points dry needling.

      Any of you has made this road? How effective is trigger points dry needling treatment for Pulsatile Tinnitus treatment? How many sessions would be recommended?

      Thanks alot for your support.

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      I am not aware of any reported success of dry needling for T, unfortunately. I couldn't find a single study in pubmed either.
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      Began after surgery for left carotid artery aneurism
      A good friend of mine with pulsatile tinnitus has been going for (dry) needling now - along with acupuncture - and her pulsatile stopped after a few sessions. The general tinnitus did not, but the pulsatile did.

      I’m starting sessions in a few weeks. Not everything is in a “study.” We know from people who have done it, and people who have received it, that there can be success.
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      using a bite split, getting PT and dry needling have all been moderately effective at controlling my TMJ symptoms and cervical spine pain, but only very very very slightly effective at changing my tinnitus.

      When my TMJ really flares, so does the tinnitus, so tamping down on the TMJ symptoms helps with that.

      My bite split cost as much as a used car....

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